Are you a small housing contractor who’s looking to deliver a faster, more accurate service to housing associations? If so, then ROCC can help you to maximise your profits and streamline operations.


Let’s face it, as housing contractors, you need to be able to juggle a whole host of commitments and constantly adapt to our ever-changing digital world. This means effectively managing your workload to accommodate multiple housing associations at once.


We understand how difficult and time-consuming this can be, which is why our specialist repairs and maintenance solution, ROCC Core, is on hand to help.


Our award-winning software has a proven track record of seamlessly integrating with multiple housing management systems simultaneously, helping you comfortably manage your contracts and boost profitability.


If you’ve outgrown your current system and require an upgrade, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will take a look at the many standout features which make ROCC the perfect choice for you. With our help, you’ll be able to get through more work, win more business and communicate better with your customers!

What impact will ROCC have on your business?


Improved efficiency and performance – achieve a healthy uptick in workload


We help to create a unified system that is capable of processing and managing a huge volume of jobs and orders. By embracing automation, you’ll be able to save precious time on low-priority administrative tasks and focus on more important matters, helping to minimise unproductivity and maximise profitability. 


You’ll also be able to increase the amount of work you get through, relying on more efficient processes that help your team to complete tasks efficiently and on schedule. This could allow you to expand as a housing contractor, with the capacity to take on more housing associations and grow as a business. 


ROCC Core offers end-to-end maintenance software that’s built to dramatically improve your efficiency and performance, this includes: 


  • Managing all your emergency, responsive, planned and major works.
  • Offering real-time appointments and completion of tasks.
  • Dynamically assigning and scheduling work to relevant field service workers and allowing real-time completion of tasks.
  • Monitoring and tracking every aspect of your service.

Cater to multiple clients and win new business


If you’re concerned about how installing a new system could impact your business and the ability to meet the needs of all of your clients, then you need not worry with our software.


You’ll be able to manage multiple contracts easily with a clearly separated account system. This means your team will always know exactly what’s expected from a customer and ensure the right skills are available to manage a housing association’s unique demands. 


With seamless real-time integration to all your clients’ systems, you can manage multiple contracts with different financial agreements and oversee your entire business performance. You’ll also be able to monitor all costs and profits from the business level, the contract level, area and team level, trade level, operative level and even the property level.


Not only will this benefit your existing clients, but it will also help growth and improve your chances of winning new business. When you choose to invest in our market-leading software, you’ll stand out ahead of the competition and attract more housing associations looking to improve their maintenance and repairs service. 


With ROCC’s extensive list of software features at your fingertips, you’ll notice how much easier it is to attract new customers and retain them year after year. 

Better communication with customers


By leveraging our software, housing contractors can improve communication and enhance collaboration with housing associations. You’ll be able to benefit from:


  • Streamlined information sharing: ROCC’s housing software includes features for centralising project-related information such as plans, schedules, budgets and progress reports. This means you can share updates with housing associations in real time.
  • Task management and collaboration tools: These tools enable small housing contractors to assign tasks, set deadlines and track progress together with housing associations. This promotes transparency and accountability while facilitating smoother coordination.
  • Document management: Our software includes document management capabilities that make it easy to organise, store and access important documents. This ensures that both housing contractors and their customers have quick access to vital information whenever needed.
  • Messaging and notification systems: Enables housing contractors and housing associations to communicate directly with each other using the software. This reduces reliance on email and phone calls, streamlining communication and keeping all correspondence easily accessible.
  • Reporting and analytics: Reporting and analytics features enable housing contractors to generate custom reports on project progress, budget and other key metrics. These reports can be shared with housing associations to provide insights into project performance and facilitate data-driven decision-making.

Improve client satisfaction


Our goal is to support you in winning more business than ever before while keeping your existing customers happy. We are pleased to share that we consistently achieve outstanding customer service and satisfaction results.


You can expect to enjoy excellent feedback from your clients, as they reap the benefits of ROCC Core. 

What can you expect from ROCC?


Complete transparency and honesty


We pride ourselves on how transparent we are as a business, ensuring we always listen to any issues you or your clients may have and find the appropriate solutions. We see our working relationship with you as a partnership, which means we always favour a collaborative approach and complete visibility throughout.


We offer the most comprehensive job costing of any system on the market. This helps us to provide detailed real-time monitoring of all job-related costs and build a unique level of trust, maximising your profitability and encouraging business expansion. 

Expert support and guidance


The support you’ll receive from our customer success team means you’ll never waste time on hold and always have the opportunity to speak to a highly-trained professional. Our staff are extremely knowledgeable about the solutions we provide and can tailor their approach to your particular configuration and setup.


Throughout your partnership with ROCC, we’ll ensure that someone is always available, and as a partner, you have direct access to all of our team regardless of their job title. 

Highly experienced and forward-thinking


As a housing contractor, you can rest easy knowing that we have been honing our services for over 40 years and fully understand the challenges you face. Not only does our extensive experience stand you in good stead, but our forward-thinking approach will help to meet the modern needs of your clients. 


Our team is constantly looking for ways to modernise and remain successful in a fast-evolving market. Potential improvements are always being considered and software is adapted to accommodate new technological developments.


If you have a particular idea for developing your business or attracting new clients, we will always listen and provide a suitable solution.

ROCC = The key to unlocking your full potential


From automated planning and scheduling to optimise your team’s performance, to job costing and financial management to help you stay on top of your potential spend, we’ve thought of everything you could possibly need to succeed as a housing contractor.


To start delivering better results and grow substantially as an organisation, get in touch with our customer service team today to see how we can help you flourish. 


With our support, you’ll be able to expand your portfolio of housing associations and provide an award-winning service that keeps your customers smiling from ear to ear.