As one of the most experienced and innovative technology companies in the UK housing sector, we’re always looking to develop new smart housing solutions that simplify the repairs and maintenance process. 


This means we’re constantly working hard to move the industry forward, utilising cutting-edge technology to help social landlords and their tenants navigate the latest challenges.


Following hot on the heels of our new field service mobile solution, ROCC Attend, ROCC Orchestrator is another ground-breaking innovation designed to make life easier for housing organisations. 


Our brand-new market-leading voids and complex work project management solution allows you to manage your day-to-day tasks seamlessly, so you have full control over how you manage workload at your organisation.


What is ROCC Orchestrator?


ROCC Orchestrator is our new work project management solution, built to streamline the way you schedule and allocate jobs with complete accuracy and ease. With ROCC Orchestrator, you’ll be able to utilise bulk job creation and scheduling, with the ability to plan each project individually and manually adjust anything that needs re-arranging.


Here are some of the market-leading features ROCC Orchestrator offers:


  • Can be used for voids, complex and capital works.
  • Pre-define your templates, their sequence and rules.
  • A Gantt-based visual application allows you to quickly see when the project is due for completion, with the ability to manage and adjust the project during its lifecycle.
  • View contractor portal jobs as well as internal jobs within the overall project.
  • See on demand an accurate state of play of any void project and what the delivery timescales are looking like.
  • Display project completion times by factoring in both internally and externally delivered work. See the full picture not just a subset.
  • A built-in alert system to guide planners to areas needing the attention most.
  • Every job and task is visible under one single project through its entire lifecycle.
  • Auto-plan and auto-schedule a project within a dynamic scheduler.
  • Unlimited replanning options should the landscape change.
  • Set teams and groups so only the right people view and manage their projects.
  • Define work packages – clearance, electrical, gas, carpentry, snagging, etc.
  • Control which tasks run in parallel and which must be sequential.
  • Introduce delays in between bookings. For example, drying time.
  • Set differing slots based on the type of work.
  • Link SORs and visit types to work packages.
  • Modern and responsive user interface.


How can ROCC Orchestrator help you?


Now you know how ROCC Orchestrator works and the industry-leading benefits the software solution offers, let’s take a look at some user examples so you can visualise what it can do for you.


New projects


Projects received from ROCC Core will appear in the New Projects list. From here, you can click Launch Project and assign it to yourself, selecting the template with which you want to generate a plan.


Active projects


Once launched, the project will be active and residing in your Active Projects list. You can then delve into the project to either begin planning or manage exceptions. This list will flag Issue Status and Issue Reason, allowing your teams to focus on the problem projects daily to get them back on track.


Example project


Once you enter a project, you can view which sub-tasks are required, planned or published. From here, you can see the data behind the project, such as scheduled time, status, assigned resources, job numbers and whether the job is internal or external.


You will also be able to see the project represented as a Gannt view, giving teams quick visuals as to the critical path of that project. The solution will also show the status of the individual tasks over the course of the project – Planned, Started and Completed.


Any issues that arise as a result of manual intervention will also be flagged – warning the user of the impact of the change.


Visit details


You can see extended information by selecting each Visit on your planning view, which will display the screen below.


This will show you some general information, such as assigned resources and the SORs relating to this visit.

System administration


System administrators will be able to manage the setup, including the project template within this section.




The orchestrator comes complete with its own set of APIs.

Ronni Patel, Head of Products, ROCC, said: “The team at ROCC has worked tirelessly to bring this innovative solution to market. The introduction of ROCC Orchestrator will pave the way for more complex projects and works to be managed in a single solution, across a range of business areas. 


“One of the biggest advantages of using it will be the increase in visibility that it will bring. ROCC Orchestrator will give our users an on-demand view of any project, including externally delivered tasks.


“We are all very excited to see this in action across our customers and equally excited to hear about the benefits it brings.”

Do you want to find out more about ROCC Orchestrator and how this new, innovative work project management solution could revolutionise your business? If so, then get in touch with our customer success team today for more information.


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