Our Support

ROCC’s core strength is in its simple, friction-free integration and implementation process and the level of support you can rely on from us. We’re dedicated to supporting you throughout – there’s a reason so many of our customers tell us the support you get from us is better than from any other IT supplier.

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How ROCC will support you

We pride ourselves on consistently offering the best service of any technology provider in the market with 100% of customers being extremely satisfied. We’re passionate about providing the very best housing software, and we do that by guaranteeing:

  • 100% infrastructure uptime guarantees.
  • Consistent LUN-based replication of the entire solution, allowing disaster recovery time objectives of within one hour and recovery point objectives within 15 minutes or less.
  • 24/7 proactive monitoring and alerting of the entire solution infrastructure. And we know the difference between good service and great service is listening to and supporting our customers, ensuring they know we’re always right by their side. That’s why:
  • We’re a UK-based team – your call will never be outsourced overseas
  • We have a dedicated technical service desk available via video call, telephone or email six days a week, Monday-Saturday, 8am-8pm.
  • 100% of calls to the service desk are answered within five rings – with a massive 99.4% answered within three rings.
  • All calls are answered by highly trained technical experts to immediately diagnose and resolve issues.
  • 100% of emails received within working hours are responded to within 15 minutes.
  • We’ve developed a 24/7 customer portal for you to easily and quickly log, review and update issues.
  • You’ll benefit from monthly video service reviews with either our Service Desk Lead or a Senior Service Desk Consultant, monthly service performance reports, and quarterly on-site face to face meetings to review your service and ensure your on-going satisfaction.

Simple, real-time, seamless integration

  • With an end-to-end deployment process that ensures our systems are tightly integrated in real time to any required 3rd party systems, and a reactive level of service to meet every deadline, we’ve made it easy for you to quickly get to grips with our solution. In over 30 years, we have never encountered a single 3rd party system that we can’t just plug into our APIs – that’s a 100% success rate.
  • Our solution provides a suite of standard APIs that plug and play into the majority of all 3rd party systems available to housing associations, contractors and local authorities; we also employ a methodology that provides a tailored API layer over our standard APIs if you happen to have a system that’s unique to you, or in the unlikely event you use one we haven’t integrated with before.
  • This methodology approach means that in 99% of cases there’s no need to even involve the 3rd party providers when integrating to the ROCC solution. If our standard API doesn’t suit the existing implementation you have, we will add our bespoke API layer and exactly match the requirements of the 3rd party system.
  • Our in-house development team have over 100 years’ combined experience interfacing with housing systems and solutions, and our rapid development and product release processes mean that any bespoke work is completed and available to the client within five days of identifying the need, 95% of the time.

How ROCC will support your implementation

We’ll go above and beyond to ensure every implementation of our housing solution couldn’t be smoother. With each one, we guarantee:

  • A dedicated ROCC project manager to oversee the project, who will always be available when needed.
  • An expert Technical Implementation Lead with a minimum of 10 years’ experience implementing the ROCC software solution to housing associations.
  • A supporting team of project officers, technical consultants, database administrators, network administrators and architecture consultants to ensure the smooth migration to the ROCC solution.
  • Weekly project meetings, monthly project board meetings and unlimited ad-hoc meetings as and when required to ensure a successful implementation and migration.
  • Independent oversight of the project by a Quality Team adhering to ISO standards to ensure quality and customer satisfaction are maintained throughout the project.
  • Comprehensive solution, service and architecture design documentation is provided throughout the project to ensure all deliverables are met and to clearly define and measure the service provided; these comprehensive documents are then embedded into your contract with us, post implementation, to guarantee the service and solution meet your requirements exactly.
  • A dedicated post go-live period of uplifted support where the ROCC project team will be embedded into the ROCC Service Desk to provide personal support.
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