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With digital integration to multiple housing associations, clients and trade suppliers; job planning tools; end-to-end job costing; and document management, we’ve made it easy for you to deliver a faster, more efficient and more accurate service, maximising profits and eliminating unneccesary spend.

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How we support maintenance contractors

We know how difficult and time-consuming it is for independent maintenance contractors to juggle their various commitments.

It’s hard to effectively manage a workload at the best of times, but when you work with multiple housing associations, and take on repair work for the general public too, it can be a struggle to keep everything running as efficiently as possible.

That’s where we come in.

We designed ROCC Core for Contractors with you in mind. A specialist repairs and maintenance solution, it has a strong and proven track record of seamlessly integrating with multiple housing management systems simultaneously.

We’ll help you to manage all your contracts with ease – and increase profitability per contract, and overall as a business.

With seamless real-time integration to all your clients’ systems, you can manage multiple contracts with different financial agreements and oversee your entire business performance. You’ll also be able to monitor all costs and profits from the business level, the contract level, area and team level, trade level, operative level and even at the property level.

And most importantly, you’ll also be able to ensure your staff are kept safe with mobile lone worker safety features and alerts, operative tracking and monitoring, property and resident cautions and warnings.

From Automated Planning and Scheduling to help optimise your team’s performance, to Job Costing and Financial Management to help you stay on top of your potential spend, we’ve thought of everything you could possibly need to succeed. Don’t take our word for it, have a look at our comprehensive list of Features – and if you think anything is missing, we would love to hear about it!

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How We Help Maintenance Contractors

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Optimal Efficiency

Our housing technology solutions embrace automation in order to minimise unproductivity and maximise profitability. More automation means more time on-site getting work done, more contracts managed, and less time spent on menial tasks.

Manage multiple contracts

Manage multiple contracts easily with a clearly separated account system, so you’ll always turn up to a job knowing exactly what’s expected, with a team of people who have the right skills for the task at hand.

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Partnership and collaboration

Our goal is to support you to win more contracts than ever before – and keep your customers happy throughout. We’re in it together; we’ll listen to any issues you or your customers are having and make it our priority to find a solution.

Visibility of costs

With the most comprehensive job costing of any system on the market, providing detailed real-time monitoring of all property and job related costs, you’ll have complete visibility and accountability of all works costs, enabling you to maximise your profitability.

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Ongoing Support

Our Expert Service Desk means you’ll never waste time on hold or speaking to an untrained call handler. Instead, you’ll always speak to someone knowledgeable in the solutions we provide and the particular configuration and setup you have.

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Expertise and Experience

We have honed our services over the last 40 years and fully understand the challenges our clients face – no wonder we consistently achieve outstanding customer service and satisfaction results!

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“Lots of our long lasting relationships have been built on transparency and that’s something that the ROCC solution allows. With access to the ROCC system, our customers can see true costs and job status. This has helped us build a unique level of trust, which has encouraged our expansion.”



The complete software package, built around you

End-to-end housing repairs and maintenance software built to dramatically improve service, ROCC Core provides everything you need to successfully and efficiently deliver your entire housing repairs and maintenance processes. Manage all your emergency, responsive, planned and major works for today and the future, offer real-time appointments, dynamically assign and schedule work to relevant field service workers and allow real-time completion of tasks. You can also monitor and track every aspect of the service, from contract profitability to operative efficiency.

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