ROCC’s Social Values

At ROCC, we know we are all only as strong as the communities we build which is why we will always support good causes locally and around the country. We’re very mindful of the bigger picture and the affect and impact we are all having on the world around us, that’s why we’re working hard to fund climate projects and reduce our carbon footprint.

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Stronger communities start at home

If you’ve worked with ROCC already, you’ll know that we take our values very seriously. One of the closest values to our heart is that we care; that is, we not only care for our customers and want the best for them, we also care for our local communities and for the planet we all inhabit.

That’s why we give all our staff paid days off to volunteer for the causes and charities that mean the most to them. Whether that’s volunteering at a food bank, or having time out of the office to organise fundraising for a hospice, we’re happy to support them. Not only will supporting our staff in this way help them to help others, it’s also one of the ways we can show our appreciation for all the hard work our colleagues do to help ROCC succeed. Giving people paid time off for a worthy cause makes our staff happy, and it helps the community, so we consider that a win.

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Partner Spotlight

The Wave Project

Being based in Brighton, the ROCC team have a close affinity to all things “at the beach” and so partnering with The Wave Project made perfect sense.

The Wave Project aim to improve the mental health and well being of young people through surf therapy and ROCC are proud to be one of their business partners. The Wave Project has worked in Sussex since 2015 and run six Surf Therapy courses as well as a thriving surf club which supports hundreds of young people in Brighton. Surf therapy has become an established form of therapeutic support for both mental and physical health. It is recognised by the NHS as an effective form of therapy for children and young people at risk of mental ill-health and ROCC are proud to be supporting the Wave Project to provide surf therapy to young people in Sussex aged 8 to 21.

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Supporting what matters to you and us

We support many good causes throughout the country that are important to our business, our staff and our customers.

For the ROCC team specifically there is the “ROCC Community Fund” which invests in the local communities where our business and staff are based and supports charitable organisations in those areas.

The support is for organisations that are important to each of our staff members and commitment as to which organisations we support each year is through a democratic companywide agreement.

We also have the “ROCC Client Fund”, which invests in the charities and initiatives that are important to our clients. This fund is planned each year through partnership discussions via ROCC client success consultants and agreement made as to which initiatives we will continue to support and which new initiatives we will become involved in.

We take the lead from our clients on this and see where they would like us to support. We also provide ROCC staff to support charity initiatives and work alongside our customers to improve the lives of people in their local communities.

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Employee Spotlight

Peter Court and the Burgess Hill Pantry

Peter Court, ROCC’s Product Solutions Manager has worked in the housing sector at multiple best of breed software suppliers for 25 years.

Peter feels passionately about helping out less fortunate families in his local community of Burgess Hill in West Sussex and through ROCC’s employee charity scheme Peter is able to spend half a day a week working at the Burgess Hill Pantry. The pantry is an open to all neighbourhood hub providing food, friendship and dignity to local residents. Members pay a small subscription fee of a few pounds a week and in return can choose groceries worth many times more, often saving up to £1,000 a year on shopping bills. Peter busies himself with organising food collections from local supermarkets and working in the pantry serving low cost, high quality food to his local community.

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Reducing our impact

We are committed to protecting the planet and where possible we encourage our customers to take advantage of our Green Consulting; essentially, we have changed our consulting model to be green first, and so we ask that all discussions are carried out via video call, rather than one party travelling up and down the country to see the other in person. We believe in making small changes where possible to contribute to a larger change, and not only does this reduce emissions and pollution, it also helps to remind people to keep unnecessary journeys to a minimum, wherever possible.

To reward our eco-conscious customers, we made a decision to give them the best price possible. We offer financial incentives in the form of reduced charges, but if the customer does not want Green Consulting, or if it’s not appropriate for the situation, then we use the difference from the full charge to offset the carbon footprint from the journey. We do that by increasing our investments in green projects.

One of the ways we participate is with Ecologi, a company founded by a group of environmentalists in Bristol, who wanted to help people find a way to contribute to finding a solution to the climate problem we’re all facing.

With them, we assist with funding projects and compensate for our carbon footprint; most recently our funds have contributed to a solar power project in Vietnam, a wind farm in South Africa, a methane reduction programme in India, a 71,000 acre rainforest protection project in central Brazil, and a reforestation project in Scotland.

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Partner Spotlight

Lauren Rowles MBE

Lauren’s journey began in 2012 at the age of 13 when she woke up one morning paralysed from the waist down caused by Transverse Myelitis. Inspired by the London 2012 Paralympic Games Lauren began a career initially as a wheelchair track athlete before transition to rowing.

Lauren’s sheer determination to achieve and her mindset of always going above and beyond expectations inspired the whole ROCC team and we are very proud to have begun sponsoring and partnering with Lauren in 2020 in the run up to the Tokyo Paralympics held in 2021 where she made our entire team and the whole country extremely proud by winning gold in the PR2 Mixed Double Sculls.

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Work with us

We are always on the lookout for new partnerships that will help us make the world around us a better place – if you’re a charity or not for profit association, we’d love to look at ways to work together – get in touch below.

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