Take your digital transformation one step further with ROCC Plus. ROCC Plus is our line of solutions that enrich your repairs and maintenance operations by complementing your current software set up, no matter what you have in place. All the fantastic features of ROCC Plus are included in ROCC Core.

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Stand-alone solutions to support your system

We will always recommend ROCC Core as the comprehensive housing repairs solution that will tick all the boxes, but if you’re committed to another system, or only need a small part of the ROCC solution, there are still ways in which we can help.

We designed ROCC Plus to work with the system you already have in place, so you can benefit from our features without having to make large-scale changes to your business. All these efficiency-focused bolt-ons are available as standard as part of ROCC Core, but we’ve split them into three sections so you can choose the one that suits your needs best.

ROCC DIagnose

ROCC Diagnose

Empower residents and office staff to guarantee repairs are reported correctly

ROCC Diagnose is a self-contained, secure software platform that can be embedded into any application, website or CRM to enable anyone on any device to instantly and accurately report a repair and book a real-time appointment. It ensures all the necessary information is captured and translated into a job with the correct priority, schedules of rates and required skills to complete the work to meet all KPIs.

  • minimise confusion and accurately diagnose issues with the image-based design and multi-language support
  • remove mistakes and gather accurate information to successfully complete repairs
  • reduce calls to contact centres and maximise efficiency and allow staff to focus on providing better service.
ROCC Focus

ROCC Focus

See all of your business data from all of your business systems in one place and in real-time

ROCC Focus is our comprehensive business intelligence and analytics platform. It allows you to see all of your data on a single screen, and enables you to keep track of all your key performance indicators and business measurements. ROCC Focus provides insight to turn disparate data into information to help you identify opportunities and risks, and to inform decisions about the future – with a simple click of a button.

  • track your KPIs and stay on top of your targets in real-time
  • multiple data sources ensure you see all your data from different systems in one place
  • real-time access to operational and business information from anywhere at any time
  • empower all users by assigning dashboard, charts and reports to all information consumers
  • use machine learning to forecast with the click of a button with Predictive Analytics
ROCC Resolve

ROCC Resolve

Increase business performance up to 35% above any existing system in place with AI driven automation.

ROCC Resolve is a stand-alone, off the shelf packaged automation platform for managing responsive and planned housing maintenance and repairs.

It can be directly coupled to any existing line of business system currently used for managing repairs including MS Dynamics, All Housing Management Systems and all other works and contracts management systems.

Plug and play to existing systems and setup within hours instead of months means ROCC Resolve can be easily attached to any existing housing maintenance technology stack to provide huge improvements on works visibility for management while completely automating, using AI the end to end process of ensuring jobs are completed on time and to the customers satisfaction.

  • Remove human beings from the end to end process management of customer engagement through to work completion
  • Keep workers safe and informed while removing unproductive time from their days
  • Instantly deployable into any cloud or on-premise environment with plug and play to all housing management solutions
  • Real time, constantly improving AI driven process optimisation
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These are all stand-alone pieces of software that you can buy separately and plug into the system you already have – but bear in mind they are all part of ROCC Core, so if you can’t decide whether you need ROCC Focus or ROCC Diagnose, you might be better off with the full system, so why not give us a call to talk it through?

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