Why Choose ROCC?

We know our housing repairs solution makes sense; it’s intuitive, saves you time and money, it automates the everyday (and delivers what you’d expect from a housing repairs solution). However, we believe that the real reason why so many of our customers have stayed with us for the long-term is because of our attitude.

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So why us?

Many public and private sector organisations expect to get a solid 5 year ROI out of their chosen platform; however, a huge number of our customers have stayed with us for well over 10 years. Why? Put simply, technology is only half the answer. The other half comes down to incredible commitment, attitude and service that goes beyond the expected.

We will always treat you with respect, fairness and honesty. We want to make the lives of everyone better – not just our customers, but also our staff, our communities, and everyone on our planet.

Here’s how we’re doing that.

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Our values

Our values all have one thing in common – they’re all focused on how we treat you. Whether that’s before you become a customer, or well into a long-term relationship with us, those values and standards will never drop or change.

Totally Transparent

We will honestly tell you what it costs, why it costs that, how long it’ll take and exactly why it’ll take that long. We won’t bluff or make guesses if we don’t know the answer; instead, we’ll find out and come back to you.

Consistently Committed

We make sure we get things done. We listen to our customers. Whether that’s developing a new feature because you told us you need it, or helping you implement your new solution for the first time, we’re there with you to support and guide you throughout.

Enthusiastically Engaged

When the work you do ultimately affects peoples homes and lives you have to be fully engaged with the needs of your customer and their customers. We will always go the extra mile to spend time to fully understand not only the requirements of our customers but the impact those requirements have on making a positive improvement for their customers.

Relentlessly Reliable

If we say we’ll do it, then it’s as good as done. If we say our housing repairs solution can do it, it’s as good as done. We know we’re only as reliable as our least reliable feature, which is why we’re continually striving to improve.

Purposeful Partnerships

We go into our partnerships with people for the long term. We want to partner with people who share our core values, and will work with us to achieve even greater things.

Our experience

We are proud of the experience that every single one of our dedicated team members has amassed over the decades we have been operating in the housing sector.

With an average of over 12 years of service per person throughout the business, hundreds of years of combined experience in the housing sector with our consultancy team and well over 125 years combined experience developing solutions for the housing market, there’s no wonder that everyone at ROCC is renowned for knowing exactly what we’re doing  – and for ensuring it’s done.

Our experience

Support and Implementation

ROCC’s strength lies not only in its simple, friction-free integration and implementation process, it’s also in the level of support you can rely on from our team.

We’re dedicated to supporting you throughout – there’s a reason so many of our customers tell us the support you get from us is better than from any other IT supplier. You’ll always be kept in the loop through regular reporting mechanisms, and never be kept in the dark.

Support and Implementation
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