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We’re proud of every single feature included in our software. They make life easier for our customers and better for your tenants, each feature is a testament of our dedication to you. As your needs have evolved, our features have evolved to meet them and we’re always listening to ensure we continue to provide the tools you need.

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Empower your tenants to easily report issues with our Tenant Self-Service Toolset. Taking our Repair Diagnostics feature to a whole new level, it provides your tenants with a comprehensive toolset to report any issues they encounter and raise repair requests. Automating the mundane, it gives your tenants oversight of the process, allows them to see the status of their repair, and helps them to understand the next steps.

Using the simple graphical diagnostics tool, tenants can report issues correctly, upload photos and videos of the issue, and book or reschedule appointments. They will also receive SMS and email notifications that remind them of appointment times, or confirm when the operative is on their way. This cuts down dramatically on missed appointments and increases tenant satisfaction.

It’s available 24/7, so if something happens outside of working hours, the tenant can report the problem and carry on with their evening, rather than having to anxiously wait until 9am – and then potentially join a telephone queue just to get their issue logged.

This standalone, intuitive graphical diagnostics toolset massively cuts down the time it takes to diagnose an issue, organise a solution and successfully get it fixed; from start to finish, it streamlines and simplifies the whole process, saving huge amounts of time and resources. Embedding seamlessly into your existing tenant-facing CRM, website, or housing management system, it uses a series of easy-to-understand images to help your tenants correctly diagnose their problem.

It’s also available to back-office and contact centre staff; this reduces the need to train them in certain aspects, as with this toolset, you need no prior knowledge to be able to quickly and efficiently diagnose almost any issue, log repairs correctly and with the right priority, allocate the right materials and assign the right tradesperson for the job. This means your Right First Time fix percentages will improve, as will your Fixed First Visit stats.

It can also be fully customised to match all your branding, so it will blend in completely with the rest of your site rather than looking like a piece of external software, upholding your customers’ trust in your brand.

Make life easier by automating the tasks of prioritisation, scheduling and allocation for all types of work with this comprehensive works and contract management system.

You’ll be able to monitor performance at all levels, from how organisations are running overall down to how quickly individual tradespeople are completing their responsibilities; this complete visibility on all ongoing and upcoming work gives you a broad oversight to ensure projects are completed on time and all targets are hit.

Cut down on unnecessary admin with our Automated Planning and Scheduling. Dynamically automating your team’s workload organisation means you won’t be bogged down with rescheduling clashing appointments or planning travel routes to get the most out of your operatives’ day. It’s all done for you, in real time, and removes the need for you to intervene in 95% of cases. And if you are needed to make a decision, it will proactively notify you ahead of time, so you’ll never be caught out.

This level of automation not only naturally minimises spend per job, as your team’s performance is optimised with more jobs able to be completed per person per day, but it also reduces your carbon footprint, with fewer unnecessary journeys. With the option to prioritise our Green Scheduling optimisation with your repair visits, the system can ensure you give the planet the same priority that we do here at ROCC.

Avoid unexpected bills and keep track of your spending by ensuring all your costs are accounted for when you take on a new project with Job Costing and Financial Management. With detailed financial monitoring of all your potential works-related costs (including labour and contractor spend) and real-time integration to all major finance systems, you won’t have to suddenly find the money for something that slipped through the cracks – and you’ll save money by only buying what’s necessary for the job, rather than overspending on unnecessary materials.

React quickly to emergencies without having to spend time reorganising multiple calendars with Emergency and Responsive Repairs. With an automated rescheduling of routine works – and appropriate prioritisation – when emergency work is needed, and the choice to build an amount of free time into your operatives’ day in order to create a buffer to allow them to jump on if urgent work needs to take place, stressful situations are made that much easier to handle.

Real-time notifications that automatically go out to all stakeholders keep everyone who needs to know in the know; detailed post-completion reporting along with predictive forecasting that looks at previous data and predicts when further emergencies might arise help to keep you one step ahead for next time.

Simplify large projects by breaking them down into individual components that can be automatically scheduled and allocated to your team with Major and Planned Works. Large-scale planned projects and improvement programmes can be overwhelming as a whole, but once broken down into smaller tasks and completed in the correct order, they’re much easier to stay on top of.

In this way, each element of the project can be individually costed up and monitored to provide an estimated spend and spot overspend before it gets out of hand; it also ensures complete visibility of progress and performance that will help to inform and improve later works.

Minimise the missed opportunities associated with an empty property by preparing it for the next tenants with no delay. No one wants a property to go without a tenant for long; not only does an empty property come with its own risks (damp, vandalisation, etc), but it also could end up costing money in repairs and taxes, with no income to mitigate outgoings. Empty Homes Maintenance will ensure empty homes are suitable for the next tenants as quickly as possible with minimal delay, whilst monitoring the costs. It will also reduce admin for back-office staff, and make sure all required works are completed in sequence and on time in order to provide a home for the people who need it most.

Keeping your tenant’s homes in pristine condition and your tenants happier than ever just got much easier. Staying on top of small issues is far more sustainable than ignoring them and then having to spend vast amounts of money and time on fixing big problems. That’s why ROCC’s Cyclical Maintenance feature is so useful – it holds you accountable for the little jobs that can otherwise be forgotten.

Easily set up, schedule and update routine maintenance tasks like painting external areas, repairing and maintaining doors, windows and brickwork, repairing entrance gates, party walls, paving, shared areas and drains with just a few clicks, and set them to auto renew as jobs are completed.

Don’t waste time manually monitoring stock levels: simply automate the whole process with our Stock and Stores Management feature. If you run an in-house store, our system will keep track of all available stock levels, enforce stock checks, automatically re-order stock when it becomes low, book materials and cost them against individual jobs and properties, then allocate stock to the correct store, van, person and job. It will also automatically send material requests to suppliers when stock is running low, notify operatives when materials are ready to collect, automatically cost the materials against jobs and pay suppliers. if you prefer, it can remove the need for an in-house store entirely by utilising our electronic data interchange system with the leading trade suppliers such as Jewsons and Travis Perkin to send stock directly from the supplier, freeing up space and saving on labour.

It will also monitor all stock kept in individual vans, scheduling van replenishments and managing the transfer of materials from one van to another, where necessary.

Understand exactly what your contractors are working on with our comprehensive end-to-end real-time Contractor Management. Integrating to any contractor system with the ROCC API, you can automatically send work to contractors, get real-time updates from them, and enjoy complete visibility on costs and contractor spend. You can also ensure contractors are aware of any cautions at a property, as well as ensure that your contractors are completing work to your standards by requesting additional and supporting documentation and photographs, or sending out surveys and inspection requests.

For smaller contractors working without a home repairs software system, you can either utilise the ROCC Contractor Self Service app, or use our in-built contractor management features to achieve the same ends.

You can rely on our housing repairs software solution, but you aren’t confined by it. With Field Service Worker Mobile, your team can work from anywhere, and have all the information needed to get the job done at their fingertips without having to check in at the office before their work begins, or report back once the day is done. This cuts down on unnecessary journeys, reducing your carbon footprint.

Your operatives will have everything they need on their phone or tablet even if they’re out of range or offline; as soon as they get signal again, all updates they’ve made will be uploaded with timestamps, giving you full visibility of how much time spent on each job is productive, vs unproductive. When they have full signal, you’ll enjoy regular, real-time updates and be able to instantly view any surveys, photos, video or signatures they capture whilst out, so if you’re waiting for something time-sensitive, you don’t have to wait for their return to the office.

Your team will love the software too; not only is it intuitively designed with them in mind with streamlined processes and minimal button pushes, it will also help to keep them safer. All cautionary information is provided to them as soon as they need to see it, and there are safety features and alarms they will have access to, that will reassure they’re not alone when working on a solo job.

The Contractor Self-Service App is designed to give contractors ownership of their to-do list. The transparent nature of the app automatically increases accountability; you can see exactly what’s being done and when in real time.

Contractors will automatically receive jobs that have been allocated to them due to their specialist skills, along with all relevant details and supporting information needed to ensure the job gets done right first time, within your defined key performance indicators.

Once they’ve used the app to confirm they will take on the project, they then put through their updates as they complete each task. Via the app they can get cautions, upload photos and video as well as certificates, surveys and signatures, and, perhaps most importantly, they can record when their work is satisfactorily completed, so they get paid.

Guarantee your tenants safe homes by protecting your properties – and yourself – with routine and adhoc Inspections and Surveying. Carry out gas safety surveys, electrical inspections or fire safety checks, among others, and also carry out both pre and post-work inspections to ensure all works are completed efficiently by your team, with safety and compliance always prioritsed and maintained.

Correct assessment will give you peace of mind, save you time and money in the long run, and ensure your tenants are satisfied that the work has been completed as expected and as safely as possible.

You can build surveys about anything that you need further information on, whether that’s health and safety, vehicle inspection, risk assessments, satisfaction or just general feedback, and you can set them to be completed by specific individuals or by your entire team.

Keep track of every detail of your various properties and everything within in real-time with Property and Asset Management, a comprehensive database that stores all the information relevant to the ongoing maintenance of all your properties.

You can add our API to your existing asset management system, or just choose the ROCC solution as your only asset management system; either way, you’ll be able to schedule routine and planned works, set out maintenance schedules, and ensure the assets within your property are regularly inspected in order to stay safe and compliant.

Save on admin resources and keep everything to hand with Document and Media Management, a complete document and media management module that stores signatures, photos, videos, surveys, inspection reports and any other type of digital media. Utilising our off-the-shelf document storage or integrating directly to corporate document stores such as Microsoft Sharepoint, this feature will ensure all media relevant to a property or job is available to the people who need to see it, whether they be contact centre staff, operatives, contractors or tenants.

When you’re dealing with people’s homes, you need to make their satisfaction your main concern. We feel that having a safe, well maintained and comfortable home is the right of every tenant, which is why making sure people are happy in their home is at the heart of everything we do. The entire ROCC solution is based around ensuring customer satisfaction levels remain high by giving tenants the best service possible, and even better quality homes to live in.

Our survey design module allows you to design, deliver, complete and store satisfaction surveys, and post-work inspections can be carried out to ensure works have been completed to the tenants’ satisfaction.

There’s no need to spend time creating reports, charts and dashboards in order to stay on top of your progress, spending and results; ROCC’s Operational and Management Reporting has over 120 ready-to-use operational and management reports and charts that will plug into any data source to combine it with the data from your ROCC solution and present a complete overview of all relevant information.

With a simple, intuitive user-interface, even the most non-technical of users can create, customise, schedule and distribute reports, charts and dashboards – and if you need any assistance at any point, you can take advantage of our full helpdesk support that will provide on-going guidance with report creation.

Glean an invaluable insight into the future with our Predictive Analytics and Forecasting feature. Combining data from ROCC, your other systems and publicly available information, predictive forecasting can aid you with any future events that will require a set amount of resources, such as planning for winter repairs requirements or forecasting which properties are likely to need maintenance. It will also predict which properties may never make a profit, or even help you to consider how small changes to a property now could drastically improve how it performs in the future.

This next generation of analytics not only comes with 10 pre-built example forecast models, but ROCC will also provide in-depth consultancy to help you build any forecasting model you need.

Simplify and streamline your day-to-day with ROCC’s Open APIs and Real Time Integration. This full suite of APIs enables plug and play into all leading housing management systems, with a tight API integration into all leading finance systems, simple plug and play integration for CRM and HR systems, and the ability to customise APIs to meet any needs for individual clients.

We’ll also be able to build a bespoke API layer that will sit over our standard APIs and ensure you never have to ask your third-party providers to get involved in any integration. We have unrivalled experience with large complex integration solutions; for example, at a large household-name UK contractor, the ROCC solution needed to integrate to over 50 third-party systems, and we attained this with ease.

We’ve focused on clarity in all of our API design, as well as solution provision through comprehensive open documentation. We’ve also made sure you’ll always enjoy technical and user-centric support to ensure all integration is secure and reliable; where necessary, we’ll always liaise directly between our consultants and third-party consultants, and there will be permanent on-going support for any and all third-party changes that require a modification to our APIs.

You’ll never have to worry about having room to safely store your data as our housing repairs software solutions are all Fully Cloud Based, built to harness the power and flexibility of the cloud. With zero upfront costs and SaaS monthly pricing you are able to cancel any time, but odds are you won’t want to.

Customised cloud deployments will suit all needs, as you can either utilise the ROCC cloud service, deploy the entire solution to your own Microsoft Azure or AWS estate or opt to use any cloud provider of your choice. Fully proactive monitoring with 100% cloud uptime guarantees means you’ll never be left wondering what’s going on, and our hands-on support and maintenance will give you the support you need to succeed.

In addition to the outstanding features of our ROCC housing repairs and maintenance software, we also provide a broad range of complementary services and solutions to aid our partners on their journey to improving their business. These include:

Organisations today are inundated with information. How that information is handled – ie, how it’s captured, processed and utilised, makes a fundamental difference to the success of an enterprise.

This is where ROCC excels. ROCC helps public, not-for-profit and commercial organisations optimise the flow of data, improving efficiency and productivity. ROCC calls this Business Process Automation (BPA), and we have 40 years’ experience in helping thousands of UK organisations get it right.

The ROCC approach is that of the independent expert, understanding how to look at business processes to define where and how information needs to be collected, how it can best be managed and where it should be disseminated before being efficiently stored. ROCC also understands the available technology and how to evaluate its potential for a client’s specific needs. By bringing the two together ROCC can:

  • Improve efficiency by streamlining and automating processes
  • Integrate between key business applications
  • Provide business activity monitoring and auditing capabilities
  • Manage and automate resources to adhere to business policies and adherence to compliance objectives, such as ISO, PCI and more.

We provide highly skilled and experienced project managers who work with your teams to enable you to deliver projects you might not have otherwise been able to, by providing skills and capacity you might not have available in-house.

Our project managers can either work remotely or in-house alongside your existing teams, and they will ensure your key deliverables are met, issues are mitigated and projects are kept on track and delivered on time and within budget.

Although our speciality is technical software and IT related projects, we can also help provide project managers for any scenario a housing organisation may need.

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