Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing a new system always carries with it an element of risk and worry. It can be expensive, or it might need you to sink too much time and energy into learning the ropes, only to find out it doesn’t suit your needs after all.

Let us allay your fears.

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We totally understand your concerns – it’s natural to be wary of getting it wrong and making a decision that isn’t right for you. We don’t want that; we’re not in this business for a quick buck, we’re here to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with people who love our housing repair solutions as much as we do.

So we’ve taken the time to answer some of your most important questions: to help you decide whether we’re right for you.

Simple. Buy from G-Cloud

Alternatively, you can set up a bespoke contract with us. This way, we can match our terms and conditions, service level agreements and credits, and every other aspect of our solution to suit you and find out what works best for your business.

We’d be surprised! Our customer satisfaction is off the charts, because we work hard to make sure every single person who works with us is happy. If, for any reason, you weren’t completely pleased with our service, we’ll do whatever we need to do to make you happy – including adding bespoke customisations for you.

If you are definitely not happy and nothing will change that, then we will part ways as friends, and depending on the contract type you have, we can cancel and offboard you with no fuss. If you’re using a standard G-Cloud contract, the term is three months’ notice; if you’re using our ROCC Core SaaS contract you can cancel at any time with no notice.

Of course, that’s no problem! Just use the Contact Us form on our site and give us some basic details such as your organisation size (number of units or staff) and we’ll put you in touch with ROCC clients of a similar size and business type. You’re then free to talk as much as you like – we don’t ask to be included in the conversation because then you know you’ll get an honest opinion, and we are more than happy for you to hear it all. Our clients are always overjoyed to share their experiences with ROCC.

Your data is always 100% secure with ISO-controlled systems that are regularly audited. Data is held in ROCC’s secure cloud, which is private to you and you alone. Your data is encrypted at all times in transit. All data is held in a London-based datacentre and replaced to a secondary UK-based site in Maidenhead for complete peace of mind.

We’ve taken the risk out of procuring a housing repairs system. If opting for our standard G-Cloud solution (the preferred choice of many housing organisations) there are ZERO upfront costs, so you are not risking your money. Everything is provided for a single low monthly cost – you’ll never be asked to spend lots upfront. The solution can be deployed off the shelf and includes our face-to-face consultancy and training services, as well as our best-of-breed go live support in a matter of weeks. Prices for our G-Cloud standard packaged cloud solution start from as little as £8 per month per user.

This is a complex question, but our consultants are experienced at explaining and taking you though all the enormous benefits of having a dedicated housing repairs system, versus just using the standard functionality of a housing management system.

To put it very simply, it’s about having the right tool for the job at hand. Our housing repairs system takes all the repairs features of a housing management system and enhances them further, giving larger returns on investment, increased operative productivity, less manual intervention in routine works and significantly increased automation, as well as improved customer satisfaction.

Book a discovery call with one of our consultants so they can walk you through all the reasons why your organisation needs a dedicated repairs system.



We are one of the only organisations in the housing market who both entirely own our software and who haven’t built their portfolio by acquiring other organisations and connecting disparate systems to create a solution.

All ROCC applications have been designed and developed by the ROCC development team, based here in Brighton. This means we can be much more reactive, turn around enhancement requests and bug fixes quicker than anyone else on the market, and it means we have full control at all times to give you the best service and software.

It also means our customers can have direct influence over our software solutions, prioritising what they want and when they want it, and ensuring we always stay one step ahead of the demands of managing housing maintenance and repairs.

Of course. We have a suite of APIs for our various software products. They enable simple plug and play of our solutions to all your business systems such as housing management, CRM, finance and HR – in real-time.


Unlike other organisations we don’t give you a sales-focused account manager to look after you. Instead, we provide you with a dedicated Client Success Consultant.

Our consultants are product and relationship-focused and are not expected to sell you anything through commission-based incentives, as others do. To feed into our roadmap, as a customer you can discuss your requirements at one of your regular quarterly relationship update meetings with your Client Success Consultant.

You can use our portal, email or call our Customer Success team, or you can join our strategic advisory board (R-SAB) and join other customers who have become members. The members of the R-SAB all joined because they want to take a much more active and engaged role in our roadmap. Here we shape longer-term and big-ticket features, depending on market and business direction,to truly shape what we do and influence the software we develop for the future. We’d love to welcome you as a member!

Once you’ve gotten to know us and you’re happy to continue, we’ll spend time with you carrying out a no-obligation, no-hassle discovery session. This is our opportunity to ask you what your challenges are, and  it’s your chance to ask us what we can do for you. To help you get started, we’ve put together some of the more common questions we get asked during these sessions.

Yes – all relevant details are held on your mobile device, so you can continue working until your phone comes back into range, at which point everything you’ve done will upload to the cloud.

Yes – this is configurable at individual operative level.

Yes – documents attached to a job are sent out to your mobile and any images taken are passed back and stored on the job.

Yes – all SOR codes in the job’s price-book are available.

Yes – each operative can have your own designated van stock, and this is available for you to select as having been used.

Yes – this is fully customisable by customers.

Yes – the ROCC solution includes full Stores & Purchase order processing.

Yes – once you have pre-defined your stock levels, the fully automated re-order process runs and generates the items and quantity required to restock back to your defined levels.

Yes – this is key to job costing and van stock management.

Yes – you can setup as many main and sub stores as required.

Yes – as well as defining who can purchase what type of orders, each user has purchase order limits above which someone else needs to authorise processing.


Yes – the key to correctly identifying the repair required is making the diagnostics as simple and straightforward as possible: a picture paints a thousand words.

Yes – from imbedding the diagnostics into your current portal or CRM through to completely customising its look – it is all within your control.

Yes – we realise there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, and so different diagnostics are possible dependent on (for example) property status (Void, Occupied, Leasehold, Right-to-buy’, etc).

Yes – this is crucial to managing the Repairs & Maintenance operation – going from individual job costing to enable analysis of all areas of the business.

Yes, we have a comprehensive EDI solution that enables outbound van stock orders, as well as electronic point of sale purchases, catalogue management and auto invoice reconciliation. We as standard integrate with:

  • Travis Perkin
  • Jewsons
  • Edmundsons
  • Wolseley
  • Robert Price

Yes, our off-the-shelf self-service API allows you to:

  • Graphically diagnose and raise jobs
  • Make and amend appointments
  • Cancel jobs
  • Upload images
  • Add notes
  • View history

Yes, as standard our proposal offers up a managed cloud service, taking any infrastructure cost and risk implications away from our customers.

No, our entire development team is based in Brighton.

Our fast and dynamic roadmap-driven release schedule is once a quarter, with patchsets released every three months and one major release once per year, to ensure all customers get the benefits of our latest products.

In fact, this is another area in which we excel. Not only do we provide urgent hot fix patching, we also fulfil customer-specific requests for software change releases on an as-and-when-required basis. If you need a new enhancement of our software and you need it within two weeks, then that is exactly what you’ll get.

Tenant Self-Service Toolset

Yes, our self-service API comes out of the box with a standard API that you can consume from any other system.

We support:

  • Job Creation
  • Job Cancellations
  • Appointment Scheduling / Amendments
  • Image Uploads / Retrieval
  • Job Querying

There are also other functions that can be called to facilitate the above functions.

Repair Diagnostics

Yes, our graphical diagnostics can be embedded into an iframe of another application for your customers and users to use.

Our diagnostics application comes with a user-friendly administration panel that enables our customers to fully self-serve and manage all aspects of the application, from images and theme styles to diagnostic structures and integration.

Work and Contract Management

Yes. You can see at who has progressed a job at each stage and what time; we also include auditing around changes within the system, from priority changes to purchase order history.

All are calculated and stored automatically, and accessible within the system.

Job Costing and Financial Management

Yes, we can account a range of costs from commitment to actual, purchase order costs, be it materials or subcontractors. We can also account for costs coming from van stock issues, plus many more. These costs can also be interfaced into finance systems to give you better visibility on stock transactions, commitments, PO accruals and more.

Yes, we have a range of options that allow you greater control, from purchase order limits per user, approval screens and function controls – such as who can activate, cancel, and amend purchase orders.

We have a routine that users are able to run that will generate job invoices for completed jobs, once any due diligence checks are completed. The charge method can be customised per job contract, from cost plus to schedule of rates. We also cater for interim invoices.

Emergency and Responsive Repairs

Yes, the emergency jobs when raised will apply an emergency priority code; this then will auto-calculate the target date based on your service. On appointment, the booking pads will only present the user with a slot that will ensure work can be booked and delivered within the target date, therefore never allowing you to book out of target.

Yes, we do; as a priority you can book in a make-safe job to contain any critical issues, such as leaks.

Thereafter, the system will inform your planning team that a follow on requires booking; this can then be booked either on the same job, or as a new ‘linked’ job, if the works relate to a different team or budget, all whilst giving you the full history from initial make-safe to fully completed remedials.

Major and Planned Works

Yes, we have our work programme and projects module that can be used to manage both major and planned works.

Rules can be defined differently between the types of works. Once defined we would automate the job creation process if a hands-off approach is needed.

Module Description
Work Programmes Work Programmes allow you define a range of different jobs, such as full check, interim check, etc over a period of time.

The programmes can then be associated with a group of properties.

Jobs will then auto raise the jobs and schedule them.

Principle can be applied to jobs such as emergency lighting tests and estate services.

Projects Projects allow you to create annual projects where the delivery of work is budget and resource dependent.

Every year you can create a list of proposed jobs at a group of properties.

These jobs can then be managed on a case-by-case basis by managers.

Principle can be applied to jobs such as Roof, Kitchen, Windows, and Door Replacement programmes.


Empty Homes Maintenance

Yes, we have concepts in the system that allow for void job management. Jobs are inspected, then the void specification can generate a job with multiple tasks / SORs. The scheduler will break down the works into multiple visits based on who is able to complete the tasks.

Cyclical Maintenance

Yes, we have a dedicated cyclical module, it will auto-create and schedule jobs, and auto-update anniversary dates, so jobs can be repeated the following year. This is used a lot by our customers for gas servicing.


Module Description
Cyclical Works Cyclical allows you to define how far in advance you wish to raise your jobs, then it will raise jobs when the due date is within the defined window.

It will only raise a job if there are no active jobs.

Job completion will auto calculate the next anniversary date, and it can also factor in the gas MOT date.

Principle can be applied to jobs such as gas servicing and electrical inspections.

Stock and Stores Management

Yes, we have a comprehensive EDI Solution that allows for automated transactions either as an outbound van stock order, a point of sale purchase, or an automatic receipt of delivery note and invoice. We also trap any mismatches to ensure you are paying only for the goods your operatives have purchased.

EDI integration with the following suppliers:

  • Jewsons
  • Travis Perkins
  • City Plumbing
  • Wolseley
  • Edmundsons
  • Robert Price
  • Grafton

Yes, we have a recommended ordering facility which will utilise the min and max values you set to suggest the orders that need to be raised at any given point in time.

It will know who the default supplier is for certain goods and raise 1 PO per supplier.

Contractor Management

Yes, the system allows you to define what we call contractor frameworks; this enables you to apply uplifts and downlifts on various works per contract, per contractor.

When a contractor is selected as the person who needs to deliver the works, your users only need to select the contractor using the in-built wizard.

In the background a PO will be auto-raised with the correct value and works, then sent to the contractor either via email or the Contractor Portal.

Yes, we have a specialist quoted works process that enables you to obtain quotes and update the job with the preferred contractor. This will the raise a PO as per the agreed quote before sending the works out.

Field Service Worker Mobile

Yes, your mobile will synchronise with the back-office system on initial login, which then gives it the necessary information needed to carry out the work offline. These syncs are also done incrementally through the working day to ensure the data on the mobile device is as up to date as possible.

We can run on any mobile phone or tablet and support both Android & iOS.

Yes, we have an operative tracking application that will use minute by minute geolocation information to give you a visual on where your field staff are at any point.

We only track when the operatives are on shift; if they are not on shift, they will not be tracked.

Contractor Self-Service App

Yes, the contractor portal allows your contractors to tell you exactly what the outcome was for the job you submitted. They can:

  • Update SORs
  • Add new SORs (if you allow them)
  • Request variations to initial price
  • Capture no accesses
  • Flag follow on works
  • Upload images
  • Supply certification

Inspections and Surveying

Yes, we have a random post inspection selection tool, which lets you pick certain criteria before flagging a percentage of jobs to be post inspected.

Property and Asset Management

Yes, all property details and relevant asset management data can be interfaced from your housing/asset management system. It can be updated as necessary so that all required information is readily available in the ROCC Core, Contractor Portal and Mobile Systems.

Yes, these show on property attributes with the warranty expiry date; they can be interfaced from your housing/asset management system or can be updated directly in ROCC Core.

Yes, these show under ACMs in ROCC Core and can be interfaced from your housing/asset management system. There are various asbestos fields that can be populated to assist users and help keep everybody in your organisation safe.

Asbestos information is visible on Job Tickets on ROCC Mobile and Contractor Portal.

Yes, ROCC Core has a Projects Module designed to manage planned works programmes. These can be interfaced as attributes from your housing/asset management system, for information only purposes.

Yes, compliance data can be held as property attributes with due dates and last maintained/inspected dates. Each compliance activity can be set up with the frequency of the service, along with the interval period needed to automatically calculate the next service’s due date. An automated scheduled task will generate the jobs as per the set planning period to eliminate the requirement for manual intervention.

Yes, LGSRs can be generated using ROCC Mobile; ROCC Media can then manage where this document is stored.

Yes, certificates or documents can be held against a specific job or property using ROCC Media.  Certificate types can be configured to be optional; mandatory no review; mandatory with review required, and then linked to an SOR – so if a job is completed on the Contractor Portal and the certificate type is set to mandatory, the job can’t be completed without a certificate.

Yes, these can be interfaced from your housing system. They can be anonymised, alternative text or shown as is, depending on your requirements.  All cautions are viewable on ROCC Core, Contractor Portal and ROCC Mobile.

Document and Media Management

Yes, the ROCC Media product is a CMIS solution, meaning it can access multiple data stores from a singular place. This means you no longer need to transfer large data files between systems, but can instead simply point to set locations. We integrate with many third-party solutions, including SharePoint.

Customer Satisfaction

Yes, we include a surveys module as standard that enables our customers to create custom surveys. These can then be used to create customer satisfaction forms that can be completed in a number of ways.

Operational and Management Reporting

The system has a range of tools and reports that enable your operational teams to be fed proactive information to ensure they are well on top of their work.

These range from favorites and default home pages to proactive BI charts.

ROCC Focus can be used to view this information, using our predictive analytics and BI tool that comes standard with a library of charts for you to use.

Predictive Analytics and Forecasting

Yes, ROCC Focus has an in-built predictive analytics algorithm that can build you a probability tree based on past trends. It will enable your organisation to shine a torch in a darkened room to see where the data is leading you to.

Open APIs and Real-Time Integration

Our MyRepairs API allows you to raise a repair and book and change appointments, as well as cancel repairs from any other external source, all underpinned with secure tokens to ensure it is done efficiently and securely.

Fully Cloud-Based

Yes, all our products are cloud ready, so we can deploy them into our hosted cloud solution, and take away the pain of managing the infrastructure and financial upkeep. All cloud solutions are in UK data centers and can provide a high availability options too.


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