Our Experience

We are proud of the knowledge and skills that every single one of our dedicated team members has amassed in the housing industry. With an average of over 12 years of service per person at ROCC and centuries of experience in delivering housing software in our development team, theres no wonder that everyone here is renowned for knowing exactly what we’re doing.

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Our History

ROCC was founded in 1984 by Michael Aldrich when he led a management buy-out of Rediffusion Computers. An innovator in a large number of speciality data processing techniques and processes Michael led the company until 2000. Read more of Michael Aldrich’s biography and early ROCC innovations at The Aldrich Archive.

With the year 2000 heralding a new era for the IT industry and the need to adapt and adopt the opportunities of emerging technologies, Luke Aldrich became CEO and has led the company forward to become one of the UK’s most forward thinking IT suppliers and providers of cloud first software.

Over the decades we have accumulated a wealth of experience enabling us to have successfully delivered hundreds of complex projects to the housing market. We’ve learnt about exactly what works and what doesn’t.

As one of the most experienced companies in the housing sector, our past successes play a big role in helping to continue driving our business forward, and we are proud of the journey we’ve been on with our customers.

Our experience has told us that a product and a team you can rely on, coupled with our focus on transparency, honesty, and committing to each and every one of our customers, is our recipe for success. To ROCC and our customers, success represents happy tenants, safe homes, efficient contractors and improved results for everyone we work with.

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Our Clients

We’ve learnt much from the clients we’ve worked with over the years, and built on our successes – here are just a handful of our favourite success stories:

  • Spend on subcontractors reduced by £500,000 a year by being able to deliver more work inhouse
  • Customer satisfaction increased to highest level since records began
  • Right First Time figures surpassing targets of 98% (previously 90%)
  • Average time to complete a non-emergency repair reduced from 12.56 days to 5.8 days
  • Number of jobs completed per day increased by 18%
  • £50,000 of data inputting costs saved in the first year
  • Staffing costs reduced by £200,000 per year
  • Reduced void rent loss by £37,000 in the first year
  • £40,000 of fuel savings made in the first year.

How we’ve helped

“ROCC is passionate and driven, but our relationship is what makes a difference – it’s like a family. Without them, we fail, and without us, they fail. It’s a partnership. We ask them to develop new programs and support systems for us and they will think about things and come back in no time with a simple fix.”

Thirteen Group

“The financial benefit has been incredible. In total, we have saved in the region of £750,000 within the first two years of partnering with ROCC.”

First Choice Homes

“With the fully integrated solution, there is no re-entering of data between the ROCC system, the existing House Management system and the existing financial system. Not only does this reduce the administrative overhead, it also improves data accuracy and means that management information is available in real-time.”

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