ROCC Core is our multi-functional cloud housing repairs and maintenance software suite. Designed in partnership with major housing providers across the UK, it will deliver end-to-end service and operation management for the entire responsive, planned and cyclical maintenance of all your properties and assets.

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End-to-end service and operation management for housing repairs and maintenance

With ROCC Core you can improve the complete lifecycle of all emergency, responsive, planned and major works maintenance, from original request through to satisfactory completion – and positive post-completion reviews!

ROCC Core guarantees the most effective and cost-efficient works management solution for housing maintenance providers; it also accelerates the service you can achieve beyond that which can be provided solely by a housing management system.

All data is managed and monitored in real-time; immediate visibility of relevant information is provided to all consumers, from residents to operatives to contractors.

The ROCC Core housing maintenance suite is bundled with all ROCC Plus efficiency focused bolt-ons and is fully tailored to fit your organisation’s specific needs and requirements. The control is all yours!

ROCC are helping many organisations like yours

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“We’ve used ROCC from day one; we went live in September 2017 with the platform, and we quickly realised it was a full solution with immediate benefits. The system it replaced had fundamental issues, but ROCC ticked all the boxes. We saw an immediate increase on ROI, which was a great positive for us. Launching ROCC’s platform was one of the easiest go-lives we’ve ever had. We’d never experienced anything so seamless.”

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“Things changed for us after we got ROCC on board. We now have a lot of automation that works, we get a lot more performance reporting. It makes life a lot easier, especially for the end user. The speed in which we can book repairs now is incredible – we can turn it around in 3 or 4 seconds. It’s a big improvement as soon as we brought ROCC in, it’s made us so much more efficient.”


Why our clients choose ROCC Core

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Safe, Secure and Reliable

We’re widely trusted by many of the major housing maintenance providers throughout the UK to deliver exceptional service to their customers

Proven Track Record

With hundreds of successful implementations of our software across the entire UK, we are proud of our 100% successful delivery rate

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The Market’s Best Support

Our dedicated, highly skilled and experienced team provide exceptional service to our partners, with a continued satisfaction rating over 99%

Delight Your Customers

Our improved right first time, fixed first time and completed on time percentages deliver an increase in resident satisfaction

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Streamline Your Business

We’ve helped our partners enjoy significant returns on investment and cashable savings of up to £500,000 per year through efficiency improvements and reduction in operational spending

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Partnership and Collaboration

We’re a partnership; we’ll listen to the issues you’re struggling with and we’ll find a solution. We believe collaboration is key to finding smarter ways of working

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