At ROCC, we understand how important customer satisfaction is, which is why we put helping tenants at the heart of everything we do. Our revolutionary housing technology solutions have been designed to improve the lives of your customers, so you never have to worry about negative feedback.


To do this, we utilise automation to deliver real-time forecasting and dynamic work planning. This rewards customers with instant communication and helps you to stay fully informed about any relevant new legislation. With more scrutiny on housing associations than ever before to keep tenants happy, this has never been more essential.


Here, we take a look at how our software can benefit your housing association and provide outstanding results. By partnering with ROCC, you can take your housing association’s performance to the next level.


6 ways we help housing associations

The advantages of working with ROCC are plentiful, but here are six of the main ways we can help your housing association.


1. Create safe, desirable homes

We take our responsibility to positively impact people’s homes and lives very seriously. Together, we will ensure that homes under your care are safe and properly maintained. Our solutions always help you to go the extra mile to make sure your tenants are happy with where they live.

2. Deliver high customer satisfaction

Our solutions empower you to prioritise tenants and put their needs first. We do this by ensuring repairs and improvement works are well managed and delivered on time, no matter the job at hand. Machine learning, AI and system-automated processes all combine with our solution to enable the people in your organisation to focus their time on delivering to your customers. This focus on customers and the time to do so helps to boost the living conditions of your tenants, while ensuring they’re always happy and feel valued.

3. Enjoy instant engagement

The sooner you can engage with your customers, the quicker issues can be resolved. Our software allows you to communicate with them in real time, allowing problems to be reported instantly around the clock. This also means they can enjoy instant feedback. By keeping everyone in the loop at all times, you can help to boost those all-important customer satisfaction scores.

4. Maximise efficiency and service performance

When you choose ROCC, those days of high unproductivity can be forgotten. Our housing technology solutions offer optimal automation to maximise efficiency and service performance. The correct use of automation takes care of the admin-heavy tasks and frees up your time to help customers – improving their homes and exceeding expectations.

5. Unrivalled expertise and experience

We have now been leading the way in the sector for over 40 years, which means we are perfectly placed to understand the challenges you and your customers face. Don’t just take our word for it, our outstanding customer service and satisfaction results do all of the talking for us.

6. Ongoing support

Our service desk and customer success teams are on hand to answer your queries and make sure you never waste your time – no untrained call handlers to worry about here! Every member of our team is incredibly knowledgeable about your business, your customers, our products and how they can be best utilised, tailoring our offering to suit your particular needs.


Our market-leading software

ROCC’s expertly created software covers all aspects of housing repairs and maintenance, delivering amazing results no matter your requirements. From self-service and call centre repair diagnostics to comprehensive job management and real-time management reporting, we’ve got you covered.


By focusing on KPI improvement, reducing operational costs, optimising efficiency and working in partnership with you to deliver market-leading support, you can ensure the benefits of using ROCC are felt by your customers.


Our social housing software has been trusted to manage over 1,000,000 properties in the UK. As one of the most experienced companies in the housing sector, you’ll be able to meet the rising standards for social housing repairs and maintenance services whilst achieving your strategic goals.



Our end-to-end housing repairs and maintenance software suite is built to dramatically improve performance. It encompasses everything you need to successfully and efficiently deliver your entire housing responsive and planned works processes. You’ll be able to:

  • Manage all your emergency, responsive, planned, cyclical and major works
  • Offer real-time appointments
  • Assign and schedule work to relevant field service workers 
  • Allow real-time completion of tasks
  • Monitor and track every aspect of the service, from contract profitability to operative efficiency

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ROCC Plus Plug-ins

  • ROCC Focus – This tool turns disparate data into information to help you identify opportunities and risks, plus inform decisions about the future.
  • ROCC Diagnosis – A self-contained, secure software platform that empowers residents and office staff to guarantee repairs are reported correctly.
  • ROCC Resolve – The next-generation game-changer for housing maintenance services, taking efficiency improvements to the next level.

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Why choose ROCC?

We care about you and your customers. We believe it’s our job to make your life easier and ensure tenants are happy with their living conditions. 


From our Customer Self-Service Toolset to help empower your tenants to correctly report their housing problems, to Emergency and Responsive Repairs to help you prioritise tasks and react quickly to urgent problems, we’ve thought of everything you need to deliver market-leading results.


By combining our values, expertise and experience, we want to ensure that your customers are always happy and feel valued. We will treat you with respect, fairness and honesty at all times.

If you want our software to be the solution to your housing association woes, then why not get in touch with a friendly member of our team today?