ROCC is delighted to announce that Golding Homes has become the latest organisation to join the ROCC Strategic Advisory Board (R-SAB) as a member. Confirmed at the start of this year, the announcement marks a hugely successful last couple of years for ROCC and Golding Homes, who have been collaborating on innovative new ways to improve both businesses.


Established in 2004, Golding provides safe, secure and sustainable homes for their customers. Their vision is to ensure that the communities they serve are places where people are proud to live, offering an efficient, customer-centric service. So far, they’ve invested more than £283m in regenerating homes and neighbourhoods, with a portfolio of 8,500+ properties serving 29,000+ people across Kent.


Not only do they provide excellent service and quality, but all of their profits are reinvested back into building new homes, so more people get to benefit from the high level of service they offer.


Their commitment to supporting the communities they serve is one of the many reasons why ROCC wanted Golding to join the R-SAB group as a member. With similar passions for excellent customer service and improving lives in the local community, ROCC is delighted to see its long-standing partnership with Golding continue to develop.


Peter Luck, Business and Operations Director, ROCC, commented: “I’m extremely excited that Golding Homes has chosen to join our group of esteemed R-SAB members. Golding has been through a transformative journey with us over the last couple of years after choosing to procure our system. Since then, we have continued to work together to find further ways to improve both our businesses. 


“By becoming a member of R-SAB, Golding has shown its commitment to ROCC and more importantly to its customers. We will continue to support them in delivering more outstanding achievements and improving their repairs and maintenance service.


“It’s going to be an extremely interesting year for the R-SAB group and Golding could not have joined at a better time. We are counting down the days to our next face-to-face R-SAB event in May, where the ROCC team will demonstrate the new Voids and Major Complex Works module alongside our next-generation 100% open and configurable Field Service Worker Mobile solution.”


What is the R-SAB?

Created in 2022, the ROCC Strategic Advisory Board (R-SAB) brings together inspirational thought leaders from some of ROCC’s most dynamic and progressive partners across the UK.


Everybody on the board is carefully selected to ensure a diverse range of ideas, perspectives and personalities, in the hope that different challenges and opportunities get brought to the table. 


This has enabled ROCC to work collaboratively with its customers, who now have the opportunity to sit down with senior management and influence the outcome of upcoming projects. It also creates a space for smaller companies to innovate with bigger companies, an opportunity they may not get otherwise.


Coming together every three months, members of the R-SAB discuss a whole range of issues, with a focus on complete transparency, honesty and confidentiality to ensure everybody can openly discuss our businesses and challenges together. 


The key areas of focus include:


  • Sharing business successes and failures.
  • Advising other members on best practices.
  • Discussing industry challenges.
  • Talking about current and future issues (including legislation).
  • Looking at what each business needs to improve.


We then use these learnings to dig more deeply into what the ROCC system can do, what more it should do, and to look into what new products and solutions we can create to more comprehensively address the needs of our housing association colleagues and customers.


At this point, we then revert back to our board members, who hold a vote on the enhancements they want now and the ones they want in the short term (six months to one year), medium term (one to three years) or long term (three to five years). This helps us to build out ROCC’s five-year product development roadmap.


With those priorities in mind, ROCC will then manage the development of the solutions with our in-house software design and development team. After ongoing collaboration from the whole R-SAB group to tweak the designs, sign off on features and carry out beta testing, the software is made available to all of ROCC’s customer base and the market in general.

How to become an R-SAB member

If you think your organisation would benefit from joining a group of forward-thinking professionals who discuss best practices and innovative ways to ensure housing systems and solutions thrive, then the R-SAB group is ready to welcome you with open arms.


If you want to get your voice heard and collaborate with leading industry professionals, you can reach out to our Customer Success Team or contact Peter Luck directly to express interest. ROCC will then present the case for any new members to the R-SAB group.


From here, there will be a process of assessing any new requests and ultimately the R-SAB group will determine who can join.


We can’t wait to hear from you!