On the 22nd and 23rd of May 2024, members of the ROCC Strategic Advisory Board (R-SAB) gathered for this annual thought-leadership event that brings together inspirational leaders from ROCC’s most dynamic and progressive partners across the UK.


Board members are chosen carefully to ensure there is a diverse range of ideas, perspectives and personalities so that different challenges and opportunities get brought to the table. This helps ROCC to work collaboratively with its customers, allowing them to sit down with senior management and influence the outcome of upcoming projects.


The main benefits of this membership group include:


  • Deep trust and open dialogue
  • Strategic thinking and agreed team structure
  • Engaged development team for timely changes
  • Network opportunities and financial savings
  • Shaping future strategies together with experienced individuals.


The aim for this year’s meeting was to prioritise development work for the next year and assign priorities based on whether they’re short-term (6 months), medium-term (1 year) or long-term changes (3 years).


In addition to being a key driver in shaping the ROCC product roadmap, R-SAB provides its members with a safe space to have an open and honest dialogue about challenges faced in the industry both at a personal and business level.


This year’s event introduced a new two-day format to provide more time for collaboration and peer learning, and members were given a warm welcome by the ROCC team at the beautiful New Hall Hotel and Spa in Sutton Coldfield.


What was discussed?


R-SAB members meet regularly throughout the year to move the ROCC product roadmap forward but at the annual face-to-face event, the group come together for two days to collaborate and discuss a range of topics with a focus on transparency and confidentiality, and how their shared experiences can improve each member organisation. In addition to reviewing and directing the ROCC roadmap, this year’s key topics for discussion were:


  • AI adoption
  • Awaabs Law
  • New consumer standards
  • Property condition feedback
  • Resourcing
  • Recruitment

Improving business processes with ROCC applications


The group were shown the new ROCC Attend and ROCC Orchestrator applications. The discussion about ROCC Attend, an industry-first cloud-based mobile solution providing complete accessibility and unlimited scalability for any organisation of any size, included an overview of the application’s cutting-edge technical stack and how it will enable organisations to self-serve all of their future mobile requirements.


The ROCC Orchestrator application was also unveiled which will take previously complex, human-involvement-heavy tasks like void planning and completely automate them while giving full visibility to responsible people.


Everybody present was excited to see these new applications from ROCC and how they could work in their organisations.

Reflections and conclusions


The two-day meeting ended with a collaborative session to prioritise future ROCC development for the next 12 months. To do this, all new ideas were placed on a wall, discussed in detail and given priority by the members. All of the ideas discussed will be added to the ROCC roadmap and delivered in accordance with the members’ prioritisation. 


Everyone agreed they had learnt a lot throughout this year’s event and benefited from discussing shared struggles. Emphasis was placed on the importance of ongoing discussions to address industry challenges, so ROCC can continue enabling the members to adapt to the ever-changing housing landscape.


How to get involved


As a business within this sector, have you ever felt that we would all benefit from a more joined-up approach, where forward-thinking professionals come together to discuss best practices and ensure housing systems and solutions thrive?


If so, you’ll be pleased to know that there will be opportunities to join R-SAB in the future and get your voice heard. ROCC partners wanting to join the group can start by initially reaching out to our Customer Success Team or by contacting Peter Luck directly to express interest. ROCC will then present the case for any new members to the R-SAB group. 


From here, there will then be a process of assessing any new requests and ultimately the R-SAB group will determine who can join.


We shall look forward to hearing from you!


Find out more about ROCC today and get in touch with our friendly team.


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