Looking for a software solution that enables you to deliver outsourced contractor work faster and more efficiently? For an accurate service that maximises profits and eliminates unnecessary spending, you can rely on ROCC.


The ROCC Core system provides many options to enable housing associations and local authorities to effectively manage outsourced contractor works. Our specialist repairs and maintenance solution has a strong and proven track record of helping you manage all of your contracts with ease and increase profitability.


Here, we take a look at ROCC’s market-leading software in more detail, so you understand how you can revolutionise the way you manage outsourced contractor work at your organisation.


Best-in-class software for managing contractors


The ROCC solution offers our customers the ability to not only deliver works internally using their own labour force but also use externally managed contractors. That includes small ‘one person band’ type contractors to large-scale organisations managing full contracts on behalf of our customers.


Via ROCC Core’s automated works management process, the solution allows you to outsource works from the start of the job or part-way through. There is no limit to how often you can outsource and insource works throughout its lifecycle.


It also offers a contractor framework that allows customers to define which contractors can work on which contracts, the associated cost differences from one contractor to another and who can deliver the service most efficiently. 


Automated allocation of works to the right contractor, combined with automated purchasing of their services, streamlines the entire process saving a significant amount of human intervention.


The auto-raised POs are then auto-adjusted, and auto goods are receipted based on actual completion, reducing further the amount of back-office admin needed. 


For each contract in the system, you can configure it as follows:


  • Fixed: The contractor is always the same and cannot be changed to anyone else.
  • Flexible: Work can be delivered by contractors and internal teams and changed at any point.
  • Specialist quoted works: Same as flexible, with the added advantage of being able to input a custom value based on a quotation achieved before awarding the work.


The solution also offers you three ways to pass work to your contractors. This includes:


  • Portal: An electronic ticket is submitted to the contractor, who can access and complete it via the ROCC Contractor Portal.
  • API: We also have an API delivery system for larger contractors who may have their own system.
  • Email: A PDF with job details and cautions is generated and auto-emailed to the contractor.


One of the biggest benefits of the contractor allocation is significantly reducing a lot of current administration, such as:


  • No longer need to manage calendars when outsourcing, as it self-removes internally scheduled tickets when outsourcing.
  • Reducing financial admin, such as PO generation and goods receipting.
  • Real-time updates reduce time spent chasing contractors for progress. Visibility is always available.
  • Accuracy is improved due to the completion information coming directly from the contractor electronically, meaning no manual keying in of information is required.


We can also enforce certification attachments to increase the volume of compliance documents you capture and proactively push important documents to a responsible person to check and authorise.


Plus, the portal has a variation mechanism to ensure (if you opt to enable it) that client approval is required for any contractor-suggested changes. It also allows an auto no-access re-issue process, which will resend the ticket to the contractor to try again if entry into a property has not been successful, and keeps a record of the number of times this has happened.

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Need any more convincing that the ROCC solution is for you? We’re your perfect partners if you want to understand exactly what your contractors are working on, so you can automatically send them jobs, get real-time updates and enjoy complete visibility on costs and contractor spending. 


You can also ensure contractors are aware of any cautions at a property, as well as check to see if your contractors are completing work to your standards by requesting additional and supporting documentation.


Plus, for smaller contractors working without a home repairs software system, you can either utilise the ROCC Contractor Self Service app or use our in-built contractor management features to achieve the same ends.


ROCC’s housing software offers a powerful tool for housing associations and local authorities who want to manage outsourced contractor work efficiently and effectively. 


To enjoy the full benefits of our software and start your journey to cost-effective contractor management, get in touch with a member of our team today.


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