The ability to efficiently execute maintenance and repairs jobs cost-effectively is critical for housing associations, local authorities and contractors. Fortunately, with the help of ROCC’s software, you can achieve this with a suite of tools that help to streamline your operations and optimise costs. 


If you want to find out how to revolutionise the process of planning, executing and managing your repairs, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we explore how our software empowers you to deliver repairs and maintenance cheaply and effectively.


Better forecasting and visibility of costs

A key advantage of using ROCC’s software suite is the ability to provide better forecasting and visibility of costs with our Predictive Analytics and Forecasting tool. By leveraging historical data, predictive analytics and real-time insights, you can accurately anticipate repair needs and associated costs. 


It will also predict which properties may never make a profit and help you to consider how small changes to a property now could drastically improve its performance in the future.


This foresight enables you to allocate resources more efficiently, financially plan more effectively and reduce the risk of budget overruns. With a better understanding of upcoming maintenance and repair requirements and their financial implications, you can make informed choices that maximise value.


Automated optimisation of responsive and planned works


ROCC’s housing software streamlines the process of planning and scheduling responsive and planned works. Through automated algorithms and intelligent scheduling features, repair jobs can be optimised based on factors such as urgency, proximity and resource availability. 


In terms of responsive repairs, our software allows you to react automatically to emergencies without having to spend time manually reviewing work and reorganising tasks. This will significantly reduce the burden on your internal teams trying to cope with potential stressful situations as more and more responsive and emergency work arrives throughout the day.


Similarly, for planned works, you can simplify large projects by breaking them down into individual linked components that are fully visible in a single screen and can be effectively planned out and reacted to when works change or overrun. This method means that each element of the project can be individually costed up and monitored to provide an estimated spend, and with real time monitoring of works and their associated actual costs, any potential overspend is highlighted and responsible people are alerted to the risk. 


This complete visibility of progress and performance is then used to inform and aid the budgeting and planning of future improvement works. The improved processing you experience will pave the way for achieving higher levels of efficiency, responsiveness and customer satisfaction.


Reducing wasted visits and no access


Wasted visits and being unable to access a property are common inefficiencies that can inflate repair costs and prolong service delivery times. Our housing software combines proactive communication and real-time updates to ensure operatives and tenants are kept informed at all times. This helps to minimise missed appointments and failed accesses. 


The use of our predictive analytics features also provides insight into the days of the week, the times of the year, the particular tenants and the types of job being carried out that are most likely to result in a no access visit. Armed with powerful information, dates and times are visible to tenants to show when a no access visit is least likely to occur. 


ROCC’s software also allows operatives to access property information remotely, thanks to our Field Service Worker Mobile feature. Your operatives will be able to anticipate potential access issues and address them before they arrive on-site, as they will have all the information they need at their fingertips via a phone or tablet.


By minimising wasted visits, you’ll be able to significantly reduce costs while also reducing your operatives’ carbon footprint.


Getting work completed right first time


As a housing association, local authority or contractor delivering a repair service, you’ll constantly strive to increase your right first time scores. It’s an essential component of cost-effective repairs, as it helps to minimise costly errors, repairs and rework. 


ROCC’s software helps in this endeavour by supplying operatives with comprehensive job information using historical data and real-time support tools. This means they have all the information to complete a job successfully first time before they even arrive at a property. If they foresee any possible problems that may occur, they can often troubleshoot those potential issues remotely to ensure they can complete the work at the first time of asking.


By improving your first right time scores, not only will you reduce costs, but you’ll also benefit from a boost in tenant satisfaction.


Removing the need for repeat visits


Eradicating repeat visits is something you should prioritise as an organisation, as they can be extremely costly and inconvenient for tenants. Proactive maintenance planning and accurate problem resolution help you to be proactive and try to deal with issues before they occur.


Our software uses predictive analytics to identify potential maintenance issues before they escalate into costly repairs. This will help your business avoid repeat visits, prolong asset lifespan and reduce overall maintenance expenditure.


Next steps: A housing software provider you can trust


ROCC’s housing software represents a powerful tool for enabling housing associations, local authorities and contractors to deliver repair jobs cheaply and efficiently. But don’t just take our word for it, our loyal customers are always thrilled by the results. 


Whether it’s Sovereign, FCHO or Thirteen Group, who have all been able to significantly reduce the amount of money they spend, or Richmond & Wandsworth Council and Newport City Homes, who have enjoyed a reduction in back office admin and more work completed per day, dozens of organisations have benefited from our market-leading software.


Check out our customer stories for more information about the amazing work we have done to date.


To enjoy the full benefits of our software discussed in this article and start your journey to cost-effective repairs, get in touch with a member of our team today to see how we can help you.