Housing Software: Repairs and Maintenance

Our best-of-breed cloud housing maintenance software gives you everything you need to revolutionise your repairs service. Jobs will be completed efficiently, on time and within budget by streamlining processes and automating menial tasks, resulting in an increase in customer and staff satisfaction.

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Deliver an award-winning service using our housing repairs software

ROCC’s multi-functional social housing repairs and maintenance software suite enables key performance indicator improvement whilst reducing operational costs.

As one of the most experienced companies in the housing sector, we specialise in providing comprehensive and configurable IT housing systems and solutions that facilitate business excellence.

Designed in partnership with major housing providers across the UK, we deliver end-to-end service and operation management for the entire responsive, planned and cyclical maintenance of all your properties and assets.


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Key benefits of our housing software

By choosing to partner with ROCC, our best-in-class housing repairs and maintenance software unlocks your true potential with a more modern, intelligent way of working.

Designed for housing associations, maintenance contractors and local authorities, your new, high-performing software package will allow you to:

  • Plan, schedule and manage repairs more effectively
  • Facilitate better communication between tenants, operatives and office-based staff
  • Increase the visibility of all property maintenance assets
  • Access real-time information around the clock
  • Keep an eye on costs
  • Boost tenant and staff satisfaction
  • Use extensive data to inform future business decisions

Our housing management software helps you to take back control of your housing maintenance service, so you can drive efficiency, improve performance levels and empower your employees, all while keeping the communities you serve happy.

Our housing maintenance and repairs software solutions



End-to-end service and operation management for housing repairs and maintenance

ROCC Core is the complete housing maintenance and repairs software package, incorporating all of our standout features and solutions. This includes all of the ROCC Plus bolt-ons – Focus, Diagnose and Resolve.

If you want a comprehensive housing software solution that replaces your outdated system and ticks all of the right boxes, then ROCC Core is the perfect choice.

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ROCC Focus


See all of your business data from all of your business systems in one place and in real-time

ROCC Plus offers three different housing maintenance software solutions, which are all built to complement your current system – no matter what you already have in place. If you decide that ROCC Core isn’t for you and you want to keep your existing housing management system, then integrating one or more of the ROCC Plus solutions is the right way to go.

You can choose which efficiency-focused bolt-ons suit your needs best – Focus, Diagnose and Resolve – and plug them into your current system.

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Why our clients choose ROCC’s housing maintenance software

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Safe, Secure and Reliable

We’re widely trusted by many of the major housing maintenance providers throughout the UK to deliver exceptional service to their customers

Proven Track Record

With hundreds of successful implementations of our software across the entire UK, we are proud of our 100% successful delivery rate

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The Market’s Best Support

Our dedicated, highly skilled and experienced team provide exceptional service to our partners, with a continued satisfaction rating over 99%

Delight Your Customers

Our improved right first time, fixed first time and completed on time percentages deliver an increase in resident satisfaction

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Streamline Your Business

We’ve helped our partners enjoy significant returns on investment and cashable savings of up to £500,000 per year through efficiency improvements and reduction in operational spending

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Partnership and Collaboration

We’re a partnership; we’ll listen to the issues you’re struggling with and we’ll find a solution. We believe collaboration is key to finding smarter ways of working

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