Not too long ago, it would’ve seemed impossible to successfully manage field service workers remotely. Fortunately, with the introduction of smartphones and tablets, this pipeline dream became a reality. 

It’s now easier than ever for housing associations to connect their office-based workers with field service operatives, thanks to the introduction of innovative mobile apps.

While making the switch to a mobile application may initially seem daunting, there are some big advantages to enjoy if you do take the leap. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using mobile apps at your housing association, so you can improve the customer experience and streamline your operations.


1. Improved productivity and efficiency

Instant access to appointments and the ability to easily view important task information means your operatives will arrive at every job prepared. By knowing what the job is, the materials or tools required and any other specific requirements, they’ll be able to hit the ground running and start work immediately on arrival.

Operatives will also be able to track the materials they’ve used, add photos and documents to the mobile app and allow real-time tracking. This will not only save your field workers valuable time, but it will also make life easier for your office-based staff.

If issues do occur, then a mobile app offers field service operatives a platform to communicate with customers or office-based colleagues quickly and efficiently. They can send out real-time alerts and updates when service disruptions occur. In emergencies, this means that the response time for getting critical information to people who need it the most is cut significantly.

With better-prepared operatives, real-time tracking, improved communication and more efficient processes overall, you should see a huge improvement in productivity.


2. Streamlined operations

When using mobile apps, communication between field-based workers and office staff improves enormously. Any information about the job is recorded while on-site, meaning people in the office receive the key details in real time. This helps to eliminate a lot of the human errors you’d typically associate with this process, such as incorrect billing or inaccurate information about the completed task.

Field service operatives’ location and current job status are available all day, which means any workload adjustments can be made ahead of time. Therefore, operatives are updated immediately whenever there are changes to their work schedule or job details. All in all, you’ll be able to manage resources more effectively and constantly keep your team moving, improving your performance and keeping customers happy.


3. More transparency

Mobile apps have the power to significantly benefit everyone who uses them, increasing communication between customers, field service workers, office staff and management. This will improve transparency and visibility at your housing association, keeping everybody informed and ensuring you’re all on the same page.

A more transparent operation also helps to prevent problems and ensure issues don’t get significantly worse before you have time to resolve them. Consequently, you should see an improvement in your customer satisfaction levels.


4. Better customer experience

There are very few services these days that do not offer mobile apps. Now, access to information is just a few taps away using a smartphone or tablet, so failure to offer this service means you could get left behind. Customers now expect to experience the latest technology, so it’s important you adapt to these expectations in order to keep them satisfied. 

A mobile app allows customers to access real-time updates, receive important information about the job and allow them to provide feedback and make additional requests. Not only will this help to retain customers and keep them satisfied, but it will also encourage new customers to use the service.


5. More accurate data

Manually recording field service data is now outdated and laborious. Doing so increases your chances of recording inaccurate data and is no longer the most efficient process available to you. 

You can eliminate human error by investing in a mobile app, which eradicates the over-reliance on paper and ensures important information and documentation aren’t lost. It will also help to free up more time for your office-based staff, who can waste less time on admin-heavy tasks and prioritise other important aspects of their job.

The management team at your housing association will also have access to more up-to-date customer and performance information, meaning they can make better-informed decisions that will positively benefit the business and all members of staff – plus customers.


6. Next steps: ROCC’s Field Service Worker Mobile

If you’re yet to invest in a mobile application for your field-based workers and want to use a reliable platform, then ROCC’s Field Service Worker Mobile feature is here to help. Part of our award-winning multi-functional social housing repairs and maintenance software, Field Service Worker Mobile is the perfect solution to your field service woes. 

Allowing your team to work from anywhere, you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips to get the job done. This means you’ll no longer have to check in at the office before work commences or report back when the working day is done. In doing so, your housing association will cut down on operatives making unnecessary journeys and you’ll reduce your carbon footprint.

Your operatives will have everything they need on their phone or tablet, even if they’re out of range or offline. All updates they’ve made will be uploaded with timestamps, giving you full visibility of how much time spent on each job is productive. 

You’ll also enjoy regular, real-time updates and be able to instantly view any surveys, photos, videos or signatures they capture. So, if you’re waiting for something time-sensitive, you don’t have to wait for them to return to the office.

Not only is the software intuitively designed with your team in mind, with streamlined processes and minimal button pushes, but it will also help to keep them safer. All cautionary information is provided to them as soon as they need to see it, and there are safety features and alarms they will have access to.

To find out more about Field Service Worker Mobile, get in touch with a member of our team today. At ROCC, we’ve got you covered.