Housing Repairs Software

Encompassing all aspects of housing repairs and maintenance from self-service and call centre repair diagnostics, to comprehensive job management and real-time management reporting. ROCC’s Social Housing software enables KPI improvement whilst reducing operational costs.

Mobile Working

ROCC's mobile workforce software solutions provide easy connectivity for mobile operatives and other remote workers to respond rapidly to changing demands and report on the progress of work in real time.

Process Optimisation

Organisations today are inundated with information - how it is handled, how it’s captured, processed and utilised makes a fundamental difference to the success of an enterprise. 

Infrastructure Optimisation 

ROCC are experts in fighting complexity by creating remarkable combinations of products and services. ROCC empowers our clients to beat the challenges of increasing complexity, changing business demands and cost constraints, so they can respond instantly to new challenges and opportunities.

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    ROCC, the leading Housing repairs and technology provider has been approved as a GCloud 10 supplier by the UK Government....

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  • 11th of July 2018

    Watch ROCC’s Technical Director Peter Luck deliver an inspiring presentation to the HQN on our new reality, "The Empty Call Centre".  Learn how embracing new technologies we will see the next wave...

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  • 25th of June 2018

    ROCC’s Technical Director Peter Luck delivers an inspiring presentation to the HQN on IoT, and not in the abstract, our new reality, of how in embracing these technologies we will see the next...

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Meet Some Of Our Team

Introducing a selection of our team of experts

  • meet_the_team_luke_a_on.jpg
    • meet_the_team_luke_a_on.jpg

      Luke Aldrich


      Luke has been ROCC's Chairman since Jan 2016 and is responsible for the strategic direction of the business. Previously he was CEO from 2000. He is committed to ROCC being a long term quality solution provider to its chosen markets. Luke is involved with various initiatives including sponsoring and working with young adults in need and homeless organisations to ensure that ROCC contributes to the local community.

  • meet_the_team_chris_potter_on.jpg
    • meet_the_team_chris_potter_on.jpg

      Chris Potter

      Managing Director

      Chris has over 25 years' experience in the IT industry. He has extensive experience in leading the business development and delivery teams at ROCC and building long term relationships with key partners and customers. Prior to working for ROCC, he spent 10 years working in the Public Sector. Chris is married with two children and, in his spare time is a keen supporter of his local village community.

    • Peter Luck

      Technical Director

      Peter leads the projects, service and development teams at ROCC. He has 18 years’ experience working in the IT industry, producing leading edge software complemented by outstanding customer service. Previously, he worked at various software development companies in a variety of service focused roles. Peter is married with three boys and enjoys the gym and pursuing his love of all things retro.

  • meet_the_team_andy_w_on.jpg
    • meet_the_team_andy_w_on.jpg

      Andrew Westhead

      Business Manager

      Andy enjoys working with the ROCC Team, Partners and Clients to make the greatest use of the best technologies that give real benefits to their business.  As ROCC’s Business Manager, he relishes the constantly changing challenges that our clients face and how we can give them the advantages they need to succeed.
      He can usually be found enjoying music or being led around by the family dog.

  • meet_the_team_nicola_b_on.jpg
    • meet_the_team_nicola_b_on.jpg

      Nicola Brown

      Sales Director

      Nicola has over twenty years commercial IT experience and she is responsible for ROCC's Key Accounts across the UK.

      Nicola has complimented her IT career with diverse roles in the voluntary and charity sectors. Nicola is currently fundraising for Asthma UK.


  • meet_the_team_alan_g_on.jpg
    • meet_the_team_alan_g_on.jpg

      Alan Gould

      Facilities Manager

      Alan has been with ROCC for 38 years. He is experienced in distribution, fleet and facilities management, and happily turns his hand to most other tasks that come along.

      Alan enjoys 'glamping', but only in good weather and supports West Ham (sometimes!).

  • meet_the_team_steve_p_on.jpg
    • meet_the_team_steve_p_on.jpg

      Steve Perry

      Lead Technical Consultant

      Stephen has been working for ROCC for close to 20 years.  He has over 30 year experience in IT and communications, and he has a broad knowledge of Infrastructure design, implementation and security.  Stephen is very practical and can normally be found wielding a screwdriver.

      In Stephen's spare time, he can be found playing squash and working with AV systems.

  • meet_the_team_benny_c_on_web.png
    • meet_the_team_benny_c_on_web.png

      Benny Coxhill

      Service Delivery Manager

      Benny started at ROCC when we moved to Stanford Gate in 1997.  He travels around the country implementing ROCC Uniclass solutions.

      He is keen on running, cycling, swimming and has recently taken up ballroom dancing.

  • meet_the_team_christian_c_on_web.png
    • meet_the_team_christian_c_on_web.png

      Christian Cabral

      Senior Programmer

      Christian has worked as a Senior Analyst Programmer at ROCC for the last 10 years.  

      He has knowledge and experience of designing and developing social housing applications for small and large user-based customers running on an Oracle or SqlServer platform. 

  • meet_the_team_lyn_s_on_web.png
    • meet_the_team_lyn_s_on_web.png

      Lyn Schooling

      Finance Administrator

      Lyn has been with ROCC for 22 years as part of the finance team, she is a real all-rounder with particular responsibility for purchase ledger.

      In her spare she is a keen gardener and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren as she is a golf widow.

  • meet_the_team_matt_w_on.jpg
    • meet_the_team_matt_w_on.jpg

      Matt Watts

      Technical Consultant

      Matt has been working in IT support for nearly 20 years and currently works in the Uniclass Support Team. His prime responsibilities are application installations, upgrades, hardware & software support and troubleshooting.

      His passion are comic books, comic books and more comic books, with the occasional American Football peppered in to feel more like an adult man!

  • meettheteam_meetapatel_on.jpg
    • meettheteam_meetapatel_on.jpg

      Meeta Patel

      Marketing Manager

      Meeta has been a marketing manager for 20 years, working in ROCC for 11 years and previously with BT. She has been instrumental in evolving ROCC's marketing strategy to become more digital.

      Meeta loves playing badminton (when she's not injured!) and enjoys living in Brighton with her family.

  • meet_the_team_katie_on_web.png
    • meet_the_team_katie_on_web.png

      Katie Bristow

      Finance Manager

      Katie has been with ROCC for 25 years and now heads up the finance/admin teams for the business.

      Katie is an active member of her local community and enjoys taking part in the local pub quiz.

  • Oliver Kazemi
    • Oliver Kazemi

      Oliver Kazemi

      Support Consultant

      Oli is a University Graduate and has been with ROCC nearing on 2 Years. He is a core member of the Uniclass Support team, where he’s shown a real passion for IT support.
      His hobbies include creating informative technical and gaming related YouTube videos, competitive online PC gaming and weightlifting.

  • meet_the_team_paul_j_on_web.png
    • meet_the_team_paul_j_on_web.png

      Paul Jones

      Operations Manager

      Paul joined ROCC in 2000. He was key in setting up the Networking Team that subsequently evolved into ITC team. Today, Paul is responsible for running the day to day operations and the ITC team. Prior to joining ROCC Paul spent over 22 years with Unisys.

      When not working he enjoys gardening, Formula 1 motor racing and is a member of the National Trust.

  • meettheteam_ronnipatel_on.jpg
    • meettheteam_ronnipatel_on.jpg

      Ronni Patel

      Systems Consultant

      Ronni has been at ROCC for 5 years and works as a Systems Consultant. He is involved in technical support and project implementations for a range of software solutions, involving technologies such as Oracle, MSSQL, Apache and IIS.

      Ronni is an avid sports fan. In particular, he supports his beloved Liverpool FC.

  • meet_the_team_scott_p_on.jpg
    • meet_the_team_scott_p_on.jpg

      Scott Pringle

      First Line Support

      Scott is married and currently studying part-time towards a Bachelors in Science with the Open University. In his spare time he travels the UK to compete in different video-game tournaments each year.

  • meet_the_team_richard_on_on.jpg
    • meet_the_team_richard_on_on.jpg

      Richard O'Neill-Roe

      Senior Technical Consultant

      With 15 years at ROCC under his belt, Richard is highly customer focused with extensive experience delivering and supporting application-centric solutions. A volunteer for both S.E.R.V and 4x4 response, Richard provides a different type of support to those in his community. A toxophilite of over 30 years, Richard is a qualified GNAS coach, assisted at London 2012, and helps to teach the sport at the local university.



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